In your twenties?? It’s okay to be clueless!

Anyone in their twenties is sure to be clueless at some point in their life. If it hasn’t been the case with you, then you’re very lucky! From the time we enter into our twenties, we are faced with never ending questions in our life.

When you turn 20, you’re most probably in college, sometimes questioning the choice of the courses you’ve taken, the profession you’ve chosen. You tend to think, ‘Had I worked a little harder in school, I’d be in a better place’. Trust me, you’ll keep getting such thoughts throughout your life. So it just doesn’t matter. It’s okay to be clueless!

There will be times when you’ll have doubts about your career, whether you’ll manage to get a job, whether you will be successful in your career.  Even if you manage to do so, you’ll have doubts if you’re really happy with your job. There will be times when you’ll see other people with fancy jobs or people who are doing what they love doing like traveling, writing (or something that’s always fascinated you). It’s okay to be clueless!

The people in your life – your family and friends, you’ll learn a lot about them. You’ll grow closer to some of them, people will walk in and out of your life, some will stay by your side even in the worst of your times, some will let you down when you need them the most. It will be painful at times to let go or to even think of not having someone in your life, but you’ll survive it all. They might help you grow as a person or you may have trust issues or feel like going back into your shell. It’s okay to be clueless!

Then there will be relationships, you’ll meet someone who’ll make your heart flutter, someone who will be by your side during difficult times. You’ll most likely meet someone whom you want to spend your life with. All this won’t come easy though, people will break your heart, you’ll break others heart, there will be tears and difficult times. But you’ll survive it all. It’s okay to be clueless!

You’re most likely to get married or find the one for you! Even if you don’t your family will keep pressing you to do so. There will be times when your just not ready and everyone around you will either be getting married or finding THE one for them! And you’ll just wonder what’s going to happen in your life.  It’s okay to be clueless!

For some of you in your twenties, there will be kids to handle, sons or daughters or nephews and nieces. You’ll learn to care for the little ones and they’ll change your life. You’ll be protective towards them, you’ll worry about them and you’ll never want them to grow up! You will look at them and start missing your childhood, you’ll wonder why the hell did you grow up?! You’ll worry about their future, you’ll wonder if they’ll be able to make it through it all. They will, just like you. It’s okay to be clueless!

Our twenties are those years when we’ll transform, where a lot of questions will be answered while new ones continue to crop up. There will be mistakes and there will be learnings from these mistakes. Being a 20 something isn’t easy, but this is the most Golden period of your life. So make the most of it and remember it’s okay to be clueless!




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